Stationery to think about!

Stationery to think about!

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When styling your wedding invitations it’s easy to get carried away. There are so many ideas out there on social media that the possibilities, styles and schemes are endless.

If we can offer any advice, always create something that you like and that is very much about you as a couple.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the genre and the colours that are on trend at that time but pick something that represents you.

Here at Bespoke Wedding Invitation this is where we excel and are able to provide a bespoke and personal service where we design and print your Wedding Invitations and follow the design right through all off your wedding stationery.

Below we have listed wedding stationery that maybe you haven’t thought about?

Order of service

If it’s a church wedding these are usually required. 1 Order of service between 2 guests is sufficient but as these are often given as a keepsake for the day then one each may be better. It’s also good to give the photographer one so they know what’s coming next.

Order of the day

When ordering an Order of Service it’s also good to add an Order of day, this can be added to the back so your guests know where they need to go next. They are also used for civil ceremonies or non religious wedding ceremonies, again to let your guest know what will be happening throughout the day.

Order of Service

Table/Seating Plan

Most wedding venues should have an easel where you can place your framed plan.

Wedding Seating Plan On The Easel

Seating Plan on Easel

Table Numbers or Names

You need to have a table number or table name that relates to the table plan placed on each table.

Seating Number in frame A5 Table Number A4 Folded Table Number

Place Cards

You can have these in the format of your traditional tent card or you can have place card which can sit on top of the plate/dishes. These again can be used as a keepsake.

Folded Name/Place Cards


All venues are different with Menu styles some have a set menu for this we advise one Menu per table (for up to 8 people per table) any more than 8 per table then maybe 2 menus will be needed. On the top table which is usually longer, then 2 menus may be needed. If your guests have had to pre choose their menu, then a menu per guest with their Name/Place card attached.

Another idea is to print a simplified version of their chosen menu on the back of their place card. This way it reminds the guest what they chose.

A4 Folded Menu